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This summer will be my 5th tour organised by Sean, so what keeps me coming back?

-Firstly it’s the mix of courses he’s able to suggest. It’s easy to pick out the big names but how much fun it was to discover the ‘hidden gems’ e.g.  Portrush Valley Course, Siloth and Formby.  Sean’s been there and done it several times. Some of his opinions will surprise you but he’ll back it up and come up with a list that sits your group.

-The fact that he’s been there and done it gives you the confidence to bring friends along.

– I would also suggest you listen to some of his ideas for an overall tournament amongst your mates. Change the handicaps based on yesterday’s results and even most tired legs will find a reason to go back into battle.

-The care with which he selects all the tour activities. The Golf always comes first, but you will spend more of your hours off the links.  Wise course selection, hotels and restaurants make for a totally unforgettable trip. Roll on Scotland 2013!


Tony Muldoon

London, England

May 2013


I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Arble for the many years of golf trips he’s arranged for our group.  He always seems to find the right balance of challenge and enjoyment.  Our group consists of friends who range from mid single digit to low 30’s handicaps and Mr. Arble has consistently been able to find a nice mix of courses that keeps everyone interested and no one frustrated.

We generally play one or two of the more well know courses on our trips, but Mr. Arble is able to dig up some of the true “hidden gems” to fill out our four to five day trips.  In fact some of our best memories come from the lesser known but incredibly enjoyable courses we’ve played over the years.   I look forward to utilizing Mr. Arble’s services for years to come and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to embark on a golf adventure.  Keep up the great work!


Greg Drauch

Virginia, USA

January 2014