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Ballybunion Golf Club Cashen Course

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The Cashen fails the “how does my grandmother get it around” test with flying colours.  The most important aspect of the previous sentence is “flying colours”.  If Granny is going to fall off the twig playing golf, there are few more outlandish courses where it can be done.  The Cashen runs from marvellous to horrendous in quick step and forever leaves one either smiling or at a loss for words other than to ask why?  To be fair, the property can only be described in polite English as quite severe.  While beautiful, the land would need the strong hand of man to knock it into shape if a top notch design is the goal. However, if one views The Cashen as a bit of light hearted fun, there are a great many superb shots to be hit.  Somewhat toned down from Robert Trent Jones original 1984 design, The Cashen remains a demanding test of shot-making, course management and stamina.  Due to its boldness The Cashen makes a great consort to the world class Old Course.   Without any doubt, if one is visiting Ballybunion he should make time for a giggles game around The Cashen.

Holes To Note

The short 3rd is a tricky hole half hidden but dune to the left.

At just over 300 yards, the fifth isn’t terribly long, but it calls for a bit of thinking.  Many think the best play is out left leaving an approach down the length of a green benched into a dune.

The 7th calls for a white knuckle approach to a green perched over beach.

Unsurprisingly on such tumultuous land, the par 3s are an excellent set, the 11th perhaps being the best of the bunch.  Even for a 140 yard hole, the plateau green can be a tough target to find.

Perhaps one of them most audacious holes on the planet, the three-shot 17th is short enough to make the all or nothing attempt at the green in two a strong temptation.  It could be argued the third after a layup isn’t much easier!

The course comes to an end in fine fashion with the 18th snaking its way to an inviting green in front of the clubhouse.


Ballybunion GC Old Course: Rightfully tagged as one of the finest courses in the world.