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#1: 2 May 2013 – Helpful Information

Welcome to the inaugural entry for this journal.  I hope this will be one of many to come.  The intent of this sporadic journal is to cover any topic connected with golf which takes my fancy.  Since my goal is to provide high quality holidays I thought my first effort should focus on various matters concerning holiday planning which is helpful in outlining the best itinerary; so here goes.

  • How large is the party?  Are there any non-golfers?
    • Don’t worry if the party is an uneven number.  Also, it is usually much easier to book exactly what is desired if the party is 8 or less. 
  • How will the party enter the country?
  • Will the group travel together?  In separate vehicles?  Is a driver required?
  • Desired time of year for visit?
    • The weather can often be ideal for golf during the shoulder months of April/May & September/October.  Condition of courses can peak during the autumn months with the rough being far less punishing than during the summer.  However, as the weather is hit and miss, pick the dates that are best for your party.
  • Length of stay?
  • Which area(s)/courses are most desirable?
    • An itinerary full of demanding championship links golf can quickly wear golfers down.  It is often very enjoyable to play some shorter, sportier courses.
  • Style of courses most desirable?
    • Don’t be detoured from playing inland courses.  It is especially the case in England that some heathland courses are of a very high standard and picturesque. 
  • Does the group want to play some or all of the courses more than once?
    • Travel and time zone changes can take their toll; don’t book too many 36 hole days unless you are very keen.  It can often be the case that if one chooses, he can book a second game on the same day after the morning round. 
  • Does the group have an accommodation preference?  For instance, B&Bs, hotels, quality. Location (in towns or countryside)?
  • Does the group want to stay in one accommodation or move around?
  • Which types of rooms are desired (i.e. singles, doubles or twins)?
  • Does the party want to book some restaurants in advance?
  • What is the budget per person not including airfare?
  • Is it more important to adhere to the budget or meet desired experience?

Other information?

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